Sneha is a support group for women of South Asian origin in the state of Connecticut. Sneha was founded in November 1983 by Vijaya Bapat and Shyamala Raman. The organization started with eleven members and has grown to more than two hundred today. Sneha's members come from a range of backgrounds

Sneha's members come from a range of backgrounds -- professionals, home-makers and students. Some of the members are in their sixties and seventies who have lived in the US for decades and bring a special wisdom and perspective to our work. We have second-generation women who grew up in this country and bring their own special access, vocabulary and understanding to our work. All the board members have leadership experience and many of them bring activist experience from their countries of origin.

Thus we are able to deploy a unique as well as broad range of skills and perspectives to each issue. Our objective is to serve with respect and affection. Above all we strive to ensure that women who come to us do not become more vulnerable. We view our work as a collective process of empowerment.

There are several facets to Sneha's work in the Connecticut South Asian community:

Empowering Women
We recognize that living in a foreign country presents special challenges for women because of the lack of a family support structure, limited financial independence and / or limited English language skills. We strive to make up for this by drawing from the model of the extended family that is prevalent in South Asia ... [ more ]

Building Bridges
We consider active participation in the local community an important part of our outreach efforts. All benefit the better we know them and the better they know us. In that spirit we speak at different forums to create a true portrait about the South Asian community. Along the way ... [ more ]

Cultural Initiatives
Sneha has hosts and sponsored Education for Women, Book Readings, Seminars on Achievement of Asian women in the American Society and ... [ more ]

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